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Colorless is an artsy 2D puzzle platformer game where our character appears in a black and white world, ventures forth, and suddenly discovers color… and its inherent abilities. With this discovery, our character gains a new power that allows them to transverse further into the world, pushing boundaries, coloring the environment, and watching it slowly becoming beautiful and lively. However, at the same time, it appears the world is also sending our players a message… and perhaps, unveiling to us why the world was black and white in the first place.

Headphones highly suggested for play :)


Team Potato Lab Members:

Cindy To - Team Lead, Level & Gameplay Designer, Environment Artist

Aaron Villapando - Audio Designer (Soundtrack & SFX), Gameplay Programmer, VFX

Katie Park - Gameplay Programmer, Camera/Cutscene Work

Ronald 'Cen' Yam - Animator, Character Designer

Steven Dao - Technical Artist, Programmer, Character Designer

You can learn more about the game and the devs at colorlessgame.wordpress.com !